Writing Secrets: Make Your Story Great

top_secret-1200There are so many different ways to add drama and flare to a preexisting idea that has a thoroughly developed outline. Many writers will take different approaches to the outlines of their ideas to add some interesting and suspenseful aspects to their piece of literature. Secrets of storytelling have been used by authors for centuries and are valuable in creating an intriguing story that maintains a consistent development of events.

Tips for Great Stories

It is important to develop the main characters in your story, but have you included a main character or protagonist? You might want to take some time and put some extra work into the development of your main character by adding some aspects to his personality. So many great quirks can be added to individuals that are placed in your story and it is valuable to create some familiarity for the reader. It could be a past event or a typical habit or a specifically described behavior that creates familiarity for your reader. Ensure that you develop the negative aspects of this individual as well. It would be a great loss to miss some of the vulnerability that could be provided through negative attributes of a character.

Some tips and tricks that are widely used are often developed in the outline stage in order to develop some rules or laws that can be later broken or changed. In order to create drama within storytelling, it is important to show the change that you have established throughout the events. Bring attention to the personal attributes of characters as well as environmental changes that have developed.

Many of these additions should be done to your work after the completion of an outline that consists of all of your ideas that you wish to contribute to the story. Even in memoirs, authors have taken some creative liberty in the finished outline in order to create some addictive qualities for the reader.