Original Thought: Cite Your Sources

original-003Some of the simplest ideas can be misunderstood when it comes to the idea of citing sources in academic and professional pieces of work but this will no longer be a concern for you. Everything you will need to know about the importance of referencing where you got your information from in your academic writing is below.

Things To Consider

Have you ever wondered how to go about writing and phrasing academic information? It isn’t easy to communicate an idea that was a knowledge that you developed from reading the information found on multiple sources. One of the safest ways to write some opinions and ideas within academic papers is to format them in the form of a question. This ensures that you have instilled a question and communicable idea of what you have decided to write about.

It is important to provide supporting excerpts to your ideas that have been taken from published resources, especially if submitting a paper within an academic setting. These must be written within quotations with the author’s name placed in parenthesis at the end of the statement. The location of where these excerpts were found must be shown on a final page, on a list with all other sources.

There is a very simple way to remember if you are wondering when you need to cite a source. As you are writing an academic essay or paper, ask yourself if this was your original thought. If the thought was not fully original and was developed from a piece of work that another created, that author must be credited. The writing field is extremely respectable and follows these directives with strict consequences.

Many institutions have laws against plagiarism, which is the copying of another author’s original thought. These laws have strict consequences and educational institutions do not have any patience with not crediting the work of another.