Must Read Novels By English Authors – The Classics

A classic novel can come from any genre be it science, fiction or an autobiography, but the word generates thoughts of Austen, Waugh and the likes. Classic literature is considered to be books that have been around a long time and are examples of exemplary writing and more than likely been included on a list or imprimatur of great books. Of course, personal opinion is also involved in identifying classic books. A classic novel can come from any genre be it science fiction or an autobiography, as long as it can stand the test of time and hold meaning to its readers.

shutterstock_266642543What Makes A Novel A Classic?

Classic novels in British literature abound, far too many to enumerate. To view a list of the most popular ones, take a look at sites such as Goodreads, that reflect readers’ perceptions of the terminology. On most of them, you will find books that have educated, entertained and stood the test of time. Books such as Jane Austen’s, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ or Charlotte Bronte’s, ‘Jane Eyre’. Beautiful renderings of stories that enthral and generate years of discussion and debate. If you ever want to write your own ‘classic’ then you would well to pursue these and others of their ilk, is an excellent site for new writers.

A Few More Classics to Consider

Not many would consider science fiction and fantasy novels to be classic but au contraire, they also satisfy the requirements of induction into the classic fold. ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekel & Mr Hyde’ from Robert Louis Stevenson, or Bram Stokers ‘Dracula’ and not forgetting ‘Peter Pan’ by J.M. Barrie. ‘The Lord of the Rings Trilogy’, by J.R.R Tolkein, George Orwell’s, ‘1984’. These books have universal appeal and touch the core of the reader by employing emotions that are recognised by all; love, hate, fear, death. These books, as with all real classics are representative of the time written but still applicable today.